Kate’s Crowning Feature

Abbey Bowling, Sports Editor

Since her royal wedding to Prince William, second in line to the throne of England, commoner Kate Middleton has become a beloved symbol of grace and charm. Now a princess, what makes this lovely British brunette stand out? The answer is simple: fashion.

Almost two years ago, the world watched with bated breath as the princess-to-be stepped inside Westminster Abbey to wed her prince. The ever-looming question—what will her dress look like? —finally had an answer.

The classic, chic gown, designed by the Alexander McQueen label, had a timeless quality that led people to compare Kate to Grace Kelly, the famous princess of Monaco. Other brides instantly fell in love with Kate’s dress, and replicas of her wedding gown were available within two short weeks after the wedding.

But Kate’s trendsetting doesn’t stop there. After their honeymoon, the couple toured North America where the royal duo was constantly in the spotlight. A different outfit, a different dress every day – Kate’s fashion sense didn’t disappoint. Clean, elegant dresses with bold colors and lace details adorned her slim figure, and women were immediately smitten with Kate’s sense of style.

For royalty though, her budget isn’t outrageous. She’s a frugal shopper, and on several occasions, she’s been caught wearing different versions of the same outfit. Though she may be the princess of England, she still has that commoner touch, and that makes us feel just a bit more like the British royalty we so adore.