Keller Shrines?

Gwen Morovitz, Editor in Chief

There was a shocking surprise Thursday morning when girls entered the downstairs bathroom in the back hallway. Normally this restroom doesn’t get much foot traffic during the school day, but throughout the day this bathroom was a popular spot for students to see its new edition: a shrine.

Not one student would expect to walk into a public high school bathroom and find rose petals leading to the spacious handicap stall, where a shrine complete with sparkling lights and pictures of the character Rodrick from the movie adaptation of children’s book series Diary of a Wimpy Kid. 

Gwen Morovitz
Rose petals covered the bathroom floor leading to the shrine located in the last stall.

The mysterious group calls themselves, “Keller Shrines” and left a note for the janitorial staff promising to clean the remnants of their shrine up at the end of the day. They also plugged their Instagram handle: @keller.shrines, but this account doesn’t seem to exist. 

Gwen Morovitz
The shrine was complete with lights, stickers, and pictures.

Clearly, this was a well thought out prank and might even become more than just a joke in the bathroom stall. The pictures, along with lights, stickers, and rose petals proves dedication. 

Considering that it’s a little early to assume this might be a senior prank, and it’s doubtful any senior would do this because it’s quite immature and childish, but then again most of the senior class can certainly not be ruled out as immature.

While this started as a seemingly funny shrine prank at our high school, it has gone nearly viral on Twitter after the actor who plays the character Rodrick, Devon Bostick, tweeted out a picture of the Keller High School bathroom shrine, saying “Never thought it would get to this tbh – thanks for the shrines? weirdos”.

Gwen Morovitz
Devon Bostick tweeted about the Keller shrine.

We’ll see if any other shrines are created or if the administration shuts down this newfound shrine society.