KHS Restroom Review

Gwen Morovitz and Koen Samuel

Depending on what class you’re in or where you’re heading, some students find themselves using a few of the many restrooms in our school throughout the day. Many would agree that some bathrooms are better and worse than others. Using a five point grading rubric with three criteria, we visited each bathroom in the middle of the day, one of the busiest times students use the restroom. 

The bathrooms were rated 1 (the worst) and 5 (the best) on cleanliness, traffic flow, and the smell. 

For girls’ bathrooms, the best was rated an average of five points for the bathroom near the main gym and lecture hall. The worst was by far the downstairs bathroom near the main stairs, with a rating average of 1.6. This bathroom got a low rating due to the amount of people occupying the bathroom without using the facilities, and the horrible smell: a mix of common bathroom smell, numerous perfumes, and fruity vape smells. Every time that I personally have used this location, I’ve had to wait in a slow moving line in order to just enter the restroom, and the handicap stall is almost always occupied by multiple girls at a time. The noise is almost unbearable, whether girls are screaming and laughing or chatting away about drama no one else needs to hear or cares to know.

The cleanliness rating was a 3 though, because as far as I could tell there wasn’t too much of an issue with toilet paper on the floor or trash littered around; however, later the same day I visited the bathrooms again, and every single one had some toilet paper and water littering the whole bathroom. 

If you’re looking for the cleanest bathroom, the one located near the language hall and the lecture hall take the trophy for sure. They both received five points for cleanliness. And to clarify, this isn’t a reflection of the janitorial staff; every bathroom is cleaned with care and attention every night by our dedicated janitorial staff. This criteria judges the students’ ability to maintain cleanliness throughout the day.

This can be tied with our second category, traffic flow. The busiest bathrooms were the upstairs and downstairs main bathrooms, and the emptiest bathrooms included the FAC bathroom, near the lecture hall, and the downstairs back hallway. For girls who don’t enjoy noisy, busy bathrooms, these are the best ones to use. 

The smell of a bathroom isn’t ever pleasant, but we found the most manageable to be the downstairs back hall, the language hall, and the lecture hall bathrooms. The worst was the downstairs main, upstairs main, and the commons bathroom.

The boys bathrooms in the school leave much to be desired. But at the end of the day, what more would you expect from thousands of high school boys. From missing parts, puddles of fluid on the floor, and the meetings that take place, the boys’ bathrooms have become a place some people like to completely avoid. 

However, not all of them are bad. Coincidentally, the best ones are those with the least traffic flow. These would be the boys’ bathroom upstairs near the language hall and by the basketball gym. The one upstairs has little to no people and clean floors. The restroom near the basketball gym is also extremely clean, in large part because it’s locked the majority of the time and it’s so far away from where students in the school actually are. It even smells wonderful, because there is the aroma of freshly baked cookies, due to the kitchen for those being located on the other side of the wall. If you’re lucky enough to be in that area and the door’s unlocked, you should have no reservations about using that one. 

The bathroom near the vending machines is one that leaves much to be desired. The urinal stalls have been ripped off and there is always some fecal matter in some stalls. The urinals always have some school posters tossed in. Not to mention that one of the two sinks always has what appears to be regurgitated food left in it. As a personal anecdote, on one occasion, I walked in to find hair shavings on the floor. I didn’t know the bathroom was a barbershop before and after lunch.There are occasional kids in the stalls doing who knows what, so the only thing it has going for it is the moderate traffic flow.

The bathrooms in the back hallways both downstairs and upstairs aren’t that bad. They rank good in terms of cleanliness and odor, but the traffic flow, especially during the passing period, is the only complaint to have. 

By far the worst bathrooms in the school are the main upstairs and downstairs ones located by the main stairwell. Besides the traffic flow, what makes these locations places to avoid are the groups of people that use these spots as places to meet, some to get in their prohibited actions in the stalls. This often ends up crowding the space, and leaves little room to get in or out. The one upstairs often has drawings of explicit content on the walls. The downstairs one is missing a mirror. While it’s not certain what happened to the mirror, I hope the school bathrooms haven’t become a chop shop with things for kids to take home. 

Just to give you an idea of how bad bathrooms such as these are, the janitors often use a power washer just to effectively clean them. The custodians already have enough on their plate with the lunchroom (that’s another story for another day) and maintaining the rest of the school, so the least students can do is pick after themselves and have a little more pride. 

Next time you choose to use the restroom at school, think about the mess you leave behind for not only other students, but the janitorial staff, too. They spend hours after we all go home for the night cleaning up after us, and as a student body we should be making conscious choices not to make their jobs even harder.