Society of Young Gentlemen

Gwen Morovitz, Editor in Chief

Keller High School has a new club emerging from the founder and president Cole Roberts and co-founder Whit Thoms. The Society of Young Gentlemen is a group of boys from all grades who gather to support respecting women and practice gentlemen behaviors. 

The group started halfway through the first semester and gained a large following very quickly. 

On days of the meetings, the boys wear suits and ties during the school day and to their meetings in order to advertise their maturity and gentlemanly nature to the student populace.

They deliver white roses to the female teaching staff and practice chivalry to women in the school as part of their moral code of conduct and gentlemanly duties.

They even have a female-filled advisory board, including English Prohaska, Macy Lane, Holly Purdue, Lucy Phillips, and Susannah Patton, whom they coordinate with, which is an interesting way to include girls into an all-boy society. 

Some, including myself, thought this club was made as a joke, in response to the other club that faced some controversy: the anti-vaping club. However, much like the students involved in the anti-vaping club, most of these students take their society very seriously and carry out their societal duties with pride. 

“I enjoy all the events that we participate in to further respect women in our society,” member Hilton Marsh said. “We promote gentleman like qualities such as honor, respect, chivalry, and gallantry to further respect women,” Marsh said.

On December 15, the club’s members gathered in Christmas sweaters and with Christmas spirit to go carol around nearby Keller neighborhoods to spread holiday cheer to impact beyond Keller High.