Keller Senior Participates in the Memorial Car Show


Gwen Morovitz, Editor in Chief

Senior Megan Scoma spent her Sunday before Veterans Day supporting the Alex Viola Memorial Car Show by entering her and her dad’s cars. Her dad showed his 1970 Atoll Blue GTO, and she showed a 1965 Amphicar, both in beautiful condition.

The Amphicar is a unique car that people who may not be in the car world know little about. Made in West Germany, the Scomas had to register this vehicle as both a car and a boat, because it has the ability to drive straight into a lake, ocean, or other body of water. The propellers kick on, and the car turns into a boat.

“It definitely drives like a boat,” Scoma said.

Around 45 miles per hour the car drives differently, not something unfamiliar with vintage cars such as hers. 

This car, however, is in near perfect condition. Megan and her dad staged her car using life jackets and paddles to really show off the cars unique boat feature.

She describes her dad’s GTO as “his baby.”  When not being shown, the car stays in a storage container and comes out only on good weather days and for general upkeep, which is somewhat frequent for such a beautifully dated vehicle.

Going to car shows with her dad has been a huge part of her childhood, and she loves the bonding experience she shares with him. 

“I like the nostalgia of an old car. I grew up going to shows with my dad, and now we have cars we show together. I love the retro things, and going to a car show is like traveling back in time,” Scoma said.

Gwen Morovitz
The Amphicar was staged with paddles, lifejackets, and rubber ducks to emphasize its unique boat qualities.
The GTO was perfectly washed and shining for all car show attendees to admire.