ID Badge Inconsistency

Koen Samuel, Assistant Editor

 At the beginning of the 2019 calendar year, the start of the second semester of the 2018-19 school year, Keller High School distributed ID badges to its students. They tried to establish the expectation that everybody on campus, students and faculty alike, would wear their badges every day in an attempt to make the school campus more secure. 

Some students were bitterly opposed to the idea, stating that the badge was a distraction in class and the fact that it wouldn’t make a difference in positively impacting the safety and security of our campus. Others, such as myself, recognized that in many professions, some form of identification must constantly be worn while in the workplace, and were thus indifferent to the idea. 

However, almost a year after school administration passed out badges, the majority of students don’t even bother with their badges anymore, and the whole thing at this point seems useless. Here’s why: 

The school administration sporadically checks with students to wear their badges as they walk through the school doors. A few weeks ago, the assistant principals began sifting through kids as they walked in, checking one by one to ensure students had their badges on. Those students without their badge were instructed to go create a temporary badge with the student’s name and the date. The system is so lackluster, that I was witness to a student attempting to reuse the same temporary ID badge with the previous day’s date on it. He was eventually told to make a new one. 

If that story is not enough to convince you students will do anything to get out of wearing the badge, here’s another. Some kids will show their badge to the AP as they walk in and then immediately take if off. Students here just cannot be bothered. But they know once they’re in, they won’t need to flash it again. 

Students know teachers don’t even check for them anymore (if some of them ever did), despite the fact that we were told we would be counted tardy for not having it. That’s the other problem, the school’s own staff weren’t ready to comply with and enforce the new policy. 

Despite the administration’s infrequent checks on the badges, I, as well as many other students, still wear their ID badge everyday. It’s just irritating to go through the same cycle every few weeks. The school administration needs to get things straightened out, or they will never accomplish the objective they set out in the first place.