Putting the Spotlight on Lesser Known Colleges


Taylor West, Assistant Editor

With school winding down and summer slowly but surely coming along, everyone is looking forward to being a grade closer to graduating; but with each grade comes a brand new set of troubles and worries than the previous one. Many juniors this year are rushing into being seniors and taking on their last year of high school. The only issue? College. A bad habit of incoming seniors and even many now seniors picking where they plan to spend the next 2-4 years of their life is based off their friends and current relationships. Popular colleges here at Keller such as University of Arkansas, Texas Tech, A&M, and more can often be the wrong fit for many students all because they may have not known about smaller, just as good colleges. Here’s a spotlight on some lesser known colleges in Texas that could open options for some students who would have otherwise not thought/realized they were out there.

  1. Stephen F. Austin

SFA is gradually becoming a more well-known college to attend among seniors at keller high. It is without a doubt the first 4-year university that many look to as fall back colleges and likely alternatives to bigger schools. It has about a 19:1 student teacher ratio. While this may sound high, it is actually one of the closest schools to the national average of a 14:1 ratio. The price for instate residents is around $16,492 which is a great cost for the level of education and personable teaching being done at the school. It’s a great college for any kind of music major, as the colleges main focus centers around the arts. Many of keller’s very own teachers even attended SFA!


  1. University of Mary-Hardin Baylor

UMHB is surprisingly a lesser known college around the Keller area, despite its correlations to the very well known Baylor University. It is located in Belton, Texas which is just about 2 in half hours from keller. On of the most popular majors is pre med and other medical undergraduate studies. It does well in allowing students to be prepared to get high scores on their MCAT’s. (The MCAT is a placement test for aspiring medical students in which helps them get into better ranking overgraduate medical schools.) While it is a private, christian institution the cost is known to be more than the average Texas college. Rounding at about twenty four thousand a year, UMHB is on the pricey side of colleges. It has high SAT and ACT scores for those who are competitive in getting in, but also a 79% acceptance rate for those who may not be great testers.


  1. Texas Woman’s University

TWU is not the first college any guy- and most girls- would even consider in their pickings for colleges. For guys it may seem as if being surrounded by all girls isn’t a dream come true and for girls it’s a worst nightmare. However, TWU is best known to be one of the best nursing programs in the nation. It has an exceedingly high first time passing rate for the board certification test for nurses, the notorious NCLEX. It’s a small-medium school that’s just a few minutes down the road from University of North Texas. The location of the campus allows students to stay close to home without really having to be home every day. It also allows a great deal of focus on academic studies, while still getting a decently good college experience in one of the highest ranking college towns: Denton, Texas.

Overall, getting into any college is a thing to celebrate. After taking SAT’s and ACT’s early in the morning, that first acceptance letter is like a breath of fresh air. Alternative routes like the local community college is a great option as well. While it saves money, it allows those who have to financially support themselves to still attend college while living at home. Whether you end up at a well-known Texas college, community college, or even out of state college, the decision is a big one- so take your time making it!