Keller Slam Poetry Places Second in Finals Round


(from left to right) Keller poets Meleah York, Abby Tow, Chloe Evans, Rae Bailey, Jaime Zhang, and team sponsor Kris Vogel.

Meleah York, Editor-in-Chief

Keller Slam Poetry placed first for their team piece and second overall in the finals round of the Louder Than a Bomb youth poetry slam on April 18.

After winning the first two preliminary bouts, Keller advanced to the finals round of competition held at the Kessler Theater in Dallas. The event was hosted by poet Sam Sax and involved showcases of poems from all of the schools in the DFW area involved in Louder Than A Bomb.

The competition itself highlighted the exceptional poems of the top five highest-scoring high schools, Mesquite, Lakeview, Ranchview, R.L. Turner, and Keller. All five teams competed in five rounds, four of them being individual poems and the fifth being the team poem round.

Competitors for Keller were seniors Abby Tow and Meleah York, junior Chloe Evans, and sophomores Rae Bailey and Jaime Zhang.

Keller finished in second place behind Mesquite High School, as a rookie team. Additionally, the team placed first for their group poem about gun violence, centering around the threat that occurred at Keller High School last year. The poetry team’s sponsor, English teacher Kris Vogel, was also awarded a Teacher of the Year award for Louder Than A Bomb.

The invitations to individual finals were also announced, which included Chloe Evans and Meleah York. They will be competing on May 11 with fifteen other individual finalists. The six highest scorers will be on the Brave New Voices slam poetry team and will head to Las Vegas in July to compete with teams from around the world. Abby Tow will host individual finals as well as coach the Brave New Voices team.

The very first year of Keller’s participation in Louder Than A Bomb proved to be a success. Each poet brought a unique dynamic to the stage and worked so hard over the past semester.