Keller Poetry Team Advances to Final Stage


Tammy Tow

From left to right: Abby Tow, Chloe Evans, Kris Vogel, Meleah York, Rae Bailey, Jamie Zhang

Abby Tow, Managing Editor

Keller High School’s spoken word slam poetry team competed March 27 against three other high schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex for a chance to perform at The Louder Than a Bomb final slam later in April.

The team returned after a month of preparation following their first place victory on March 2. While the slam was for primarily individual poems, this bout required an additional team round, where poets from each school wrote collaboratively and performed together at the same time.

The poets from Keller decided to tackle a hot-topic issue in their group poem: gun violence and school shootings.

“It was an issue that affected all of us, and bringing our individual voices made it really impactful,” senior poetry team member Meleah York. “School shootings are a big issue. What happened at Parkland could just as easily happen here.”

The poem explored the experiences each of us had after a threat of violence was made against our campus before its planned walkout protest in the spring of 2018. Many students didn’t come to school, but the poem shares the experiences of those that did attend. The poem received a phenomenal crowd reaction, not to mention a perfect score from the judges.

The poets also used their individual poems to address a wide variety of issues. Keller’s team explored the topics of depression and mental illness, beauty standards and self-image, women’s healthcare, and even autoimmune diseases. This variety of issues set the team apart.

Ranked first again, Keller’s poetry team will advance to final stage on April 18. Since the contest is during the school day, the team asks that while students from Keller can’t attend as a spectator, they appreciate the support of Keller staff and students and student council for helping make its competitive season possible.