KHS Slam Poetry Team Wins Preliminary Bout

Team Set to Move to Upcoming Semifinals Bout


Kris Vogel

(Left to Right) Chloe Evans, Rae Bailey, Abby Tow, Jaime Zheng, and Meleah York after their big win at LTAB Prelims.

Abby Tow, Managing Editor

Keller High School’s slam poetry team competed in their first Louder Than A Bomb preliminary bout this past weekend on March 2nd at Lakeview Centennial High School.

The team consists of Seniors Abby Tow and Meleah York, Junior Chloe Evans, and Sophomores Jaime Zheng and Rae Bailey, all of whom scored exceptionally well at the slam. Their final team score, which is a composite total of each individual’s score out of 30, was 118.6 out of 120.

Louder Than A Bomb’s poetry competition festival includes a preliminary bout, semifinals bout, and a finals bout. The team’s preliminary rank will be compared with their semifinals score to determine whether the team will continue in the competition to finals. The semifinals bout will be similar to the preliminary bout, but it will include a unique team poem where all members of the team will perform a poem together that they collaboratively wrote over the past school year. This will be in addition to four individual poems.

The slams follow a similar format used by major ault slam competition circuits. Each poem is scored by five judges who rate the poem by content, performance, and overall effect on a scale of 1 to 10. The highest and lowest scores are dropped, and the three middle scores are added together to give the poem a score.

While the scores a big facet of the slam especially in the collegiate and adult slam circuits, for Louder Than a Bomb, commentary between poets and self-expression are the main focuses. 11 high schools and 1 middle school compete from across the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, bringing together young artists from every walk of life. Some, if not most, of the topics covered at the slams are heavy, and for many of us, poetry and the poetry community gives us space to be vulnerable and honest about how we feel and what we’ve experienced.

Keller competes next on March 27th at Ranchview High School with aspirations to advance to finals.