Job Opportunities

Gwen Morovitz, Assistant Editor

Having a job in high school is a difficult balancing act. Regardless of where you work, having a job is a big time commitment that many teens don’t realize when they’re only goal is to make money. It’s important to look at all of your extracurricular commitments, such as homework and studying time, sports, friends, family, and hobbies. Even though it certainly helps to have some extra cash to go out and have fun, keeping a healthy balance of time is crucial. Your whole life after high school will be full of jobs and making money. Don’t get wrapped up in a job when these years are the years to enjoy life and have fun without the worries of paying bills and saving money.

Some great entry-level jobs that require little to no experience are fast food places and some restaurants. It is extremely crucial to work in the service industry at least once in a teen or young adults life. Learning the hardships that come with working in fast food or the customer service industry, such as low wages that depend on tips, disrespect from rude customers or even management, and hard work.

Even retail jobs are great for learning how to work with people and what working is like. Learning inventory, sales, and managing money are all important factors that lead to higher paying and higher level jobs.

Here’s a list of places that are hiring near Keller:

Sonic Drive In

Smoothie King


Raising Cane’s

Dairy Queen

Kentucky Fried Chicken


Buffalo Wild Wings