Taylor West, Assistant Editor

The holidays bring people together. Families travel from all across the world to visit and celebrate the occasion, and friends gather from colleges and jobs to reconnect with people they haven’t seen since the semester started. A popular event that friends hold with each other is Friendsgiving — an evening where a bunch of friends cook great food and have their own thanksgiving with those who are close enough to almost be family. To have a perfect Friendsgiving, here are three of the crucial must-haves.

  1. Friends!

While this may seem like an obvious thing- because who throws a Friendsgiving without friends? The types of friends to have at your function are what’s important. People who typically hold Friendsgivings are those associated with a friend group that sticks close to one another and doesn’t usually stray from outside their created social bubble. If you have one of these- that’s great! Invite all your friends within this group and you’re basically set. Although, since it is the season for giving and thanks- inviting that friend who doesn’t have a set group or always seems to end up alienating themselves from the group can mean more you think to that person. A Friendsgiving is the perfect way to make distant friends become closer, and even create brand new ones.

  1. Food

You can’t have a fun, welcoming environment without amazing food. The smell of roasted turkey or homemade pumpkin pie puts everyone in a good mood. The best way to create a Friendsgiving with really great food is having a “sign up” sheet. An organized list of everyone’s name and what they volunteer to bring to the table. This way it ensures that nobody accidentally brings the same things, or helps get an idea of the variety of food that will be at your friends giving. It makes it fairly easy to keep track of who’s bringing what so that you can plan what you’ll bring!

  1. Entertainment

After all that turkey and ham and stuffing, you’ll need a way for people to come down and out from their food comas. At first, nobody will want to even move. So the best idea for the first hour…or two… would be to put on some TV. Depending on who your friends are and what they like, a football game is typically the most popular choice. Though if the season has been dragged on for just way too long for anyone, there are plenty of thanksgiving movies and shows to replace football. Though eventually people will get up, and whether or not they decide to head home, having activities for your guest comes in handy. Something simple like a fun board game of cards against humanity is easy, fun, and a great way for everyone to just relax and enjoy each other.

The holidays can be all about family, but we often overlook the importance of friendship during this time. We’re all thankful for something, so why not show it! Your perfect Friendsgiving doesn’t have to happen on break, it can work just as well the week after or a good time when everyone free. The important part is being together with your friends and appreciating the good times.