Winter Style Prediction


Kate Lang, Staff Writer

With winter coming and feeling the cold wind every time you leave your warm house, everyone is beginning to turn to their closet looking for outfits to keep them from freezing to death. Last winter main styles for women were oversized sweaters, jeans, and booties or thigh-high boots. Men would be caught wearing boots, jeans, and button downs with an accessory such as a warm vest or sweater over the button down.

My prediction for this winter is about the same as last year’s outcome. I predict that girls will wear oversized sweaters for a top. Popular colors for these sweaters will be white, black, cream, lavender, and different shades of green. Turtle necks will be very popular this season as well.  For bottoms, I believe that women will be wearing ripped jeans and solid jeans. Another prediction is the popularity of a new style of pant which is either plaid or striped and flowy all the way down. This type of pant also can be worn high-waisted, which I think will become most popular. Women’s shoes will vary this year. Thigh-high boots are definitely going to make a huge comeback. I believe that booties are still going to be worn but will not be as popular as they were last year. Even though it will be very cold outside I think women will find a way to incorporate the newest Nike, Vans, or any other famous brand into their choice of shoe for their day. Men on the other hand, will have the same styles coming out of their closet. Button downs with creative patterns but not too bold will be an everyday outfit for the average guy that plans on looking nice. For pants, on lazy days men will choose to wear joggers. On business days jeans and colored pant to match the shirt of their choice.