The Wigwam Inside Scoop

Cindy Ciotta, Managing Editor

The Keller High School Student Newspaper has been a long cherished outlet for future journalists and students who enjoy writing to share stories, current events, opinions, and much more. Up until 2016 the Wigwam was printed four times a year, but since then it has been transferred to all online.

The sections range from student life, entertainment, turnip, editorials, and of course, sports. Student life entails student interviews, school events, and exciting things happening around Keller.  Entertainment involves movies reviews, music reviews, and anything trendy or fun going around our culture. The turnip is all satire stories meant for giving our readers a laugh. Editorials are opinion based and range from current events, local events, or anything our writers feel passionate about to give a strong opinion on. Our sports stories cover Keller High School, college sports, and professional.

The Wigwam is led by Ms. Cyndi Lemke who has taught at Keller High School for three years now. Writers compete in UIL Journalism events and have been known to score well in district and regional competitions.

If you’re considering an elective class to take it’s a great option to teach you writing, allow you some free time, and opportunities to compete in events. Happy Reading!