Student Studying on Spotify

Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

School, homework, and studying are all terms used in tandem. Essentially, from freshman year through senior year studying becomes an essential tool in memorizing and thoroughly learning information. If you plan ahead, it is also vital in getting into college, and staying there. Everyone has different learning techniques, but a standard in studying is that calming music can help you focus. In addition, you can listen to the following songs if the place you’re trying to be productive at is loud and noisy. Basically, these songs are to help you create and foster a mood for learning. Hopefully these songs will help improve your grades and make studying a little less stressful. I included a mix of less known artists and bigger musicians that way you can find some new songs you haven’t heard of as well. None of the songs included are super loud or overwhelming as the hope with this playlist is to cultivate a positive experience studying, that way your brain will associate studying with positive things. Music can also help you remember certain things. If you listen to the same music while taking the test or quiz that you did while studying, you are more likely to remember it. For seniors, this list is great music to listen to while writing college essays or completing applications. For freshmen, sophomores, and juniors this is great for studying for midterms that are fastly approaching. If you are looking for songs that are slow and peaceful, this is the playlist for you. Happy listening!


  1. Meet me in the hallway- Harry Styles
  2. When the party’s over- Billie Eilish
  3. White Ferrari- Frank Ocean
  4. Tell me how- Paramore
  5. Vertigo- Khalid
  6. Once in a lifetime- One Direction
  7. BLUE- Zayn
  8. Stand Tall- Childish Gambino
  9. Going to California- Led Zeppelin
  10. Sunburn- Ed Sheeran
  11. Yellow- Coldplay
  12. Blame it on me- Post Malone
  13. It’s you- Zayn
  14. September- Taylor Swift
  15. The Night We Met- Lord Huron
  16. Lovely (with Khalid)- Billie Eilish
  17. Big Jet Plane (acoustic)- Angus & Julia Stone
  18. A Lack Of Color (Demo)- Death Cab for Cutie
  19. Butterfly Fly Away- Miley Cyrus
  20. Love Someone- Jason Mraz