Purchase Pumpkin Rolls

Cindy Ciotta, Managing Editor

It’s that time of year again. Pumpkin Spice lattes came back on August 28, Bath and Body Works has every fall scented candle you can think of, and Halloween is this month. These are all pretty hefty indicators of what season it is, but in case you missed it because Texas weather can be moody, it is officially fall, y’all!

With fall finally here, you’ll want to indulge in at least one or two pumpkin sweets this October to really get into those fall vibes. One way you could do this by supporting your school simultaneously is by purchasing a pumpkin roll from an Indianette.

Pumpkin roll making has been a long-cherished tradition of the Indianettes, and it’s still going strong. For three days Indianettes and volunteer parents work on these scrumptious desserts. It will start October 12 and go through October 14. With all hands on deck, Indianettes make over 1000 pumpkin rolls. They go on sale the following week, so you’ll want to get one before they’re gone.

But if you don’t get one this fall, they will be on sale again at the upcoming Indianette craft show. The pumpkin rolls actually last a long time as they’re a pretty good size and won’t go bad for a while. It’s something you could save for dessert on Thanksgiving or even give to a grandparent, neighbor, or your favorite teacher.

So pumpkin lover or not, come out and support the Indianettes and bless someone’s day with a piece of fall by purchasing a pumpkin roll. Happy fall!