The Rise Of Tribe


Taylor West, Assistant Editor

Here at Keller High we have so many clubs and programs that it makes it nearly impossible to not find something for everyone. From sports teams like football or volleyball, to student council and AV club, everyone can find their place. Two of our school’s biggest programs are theater and choir. With classes for those just starting out, and those whose career after high school might depend on it, theater and choir are amazing programs to be a part of. But what about Tribe? While everyone is aware of theater and choir, only a few have heard of Tribe. Tribe is show choir, which is singing, dancing, and facial expressions all combined into one class. Stella Terry, who joined tribe junior year and is taking on her last year as a senior on Tribe, and Bailey Fitzu, whose first time on Tribe is this year, talk about their experiences with the program and how much they’ve loved being apart of it.

Much like theater and choir, Tribe has minimal spaces for students, which means some- if not many- do get cut. A few of the requirements for trying out is being in a separate choir class already, and of course a good attitude. To give perspective on just how brutal the try outs can be, Stella says, “ It’s pretty difficult to make since you have to be able to learn a dance quickly and be the full package.” The selection process for a show is just as vigorous as any other sport may be in terms of tryouts for the team. Tribe members have a night where the choreographer teaches them a dance to new music while they have to learn and it perform it along with singing, and facial expressions by the end of the night. Only after the night of tryouts do they decided who makes the cut.

Bailey and Stella, both seniors, have a lot to reflect on for the upcoming year. “The thing we’ve enjoyed most about tribe is definitely the bond that’s made between all of us.” Bailey says. Stella later goes on to explain how an entire “girl group” has formed from their Tribe experience and how they all are close friends. When asked about their favorite memory so far, both girls could easily agree on what started out as a team bonding exercise, and ended in their favorite memory. Being seniors on Tribe gives them seniority, which was an aspect both Stella and Bailey were happy to express. Although Tribe does not participate in the typical “senior night” at any of their showcases, the seniors are sometimes allowed to do their own song as a whole, and it’s something everyone is looking forward to.

“Having an open mind and a positive outlook on how your year is gonna go, is the best advice I can give.” Stella says. She claims that doing this is easily the best way to get through Tribe, and without it many who join will seriously struggle. On the more technical side, Bailey says, “staying positive is important, but so is not watching the people in front of you!” While many people still don’t know all that much about Tribe, Stella says, “I really wish people knew how much effort goes into Tribe. We always give our 100%.” A typical day in Tribe follows a pattern of singing with the piano to learn the notes and songs, while the rest of the period is out in the hall doing choreography. So while the Tribe members may not have a hectic class period, just as much effort, if not more, is given to the program just the same as athletic sports.

This year, the theme for Tribes big show is The School Of Rock. All of the seniors are very excited to be learning the music and dances to show the school just what Tribe can do. When thinking about her junior year and what is to come in the final year of Tribe, Stella says, “Tribe combines people’s love for dancing and singing and really helps push you out of your comfort zone. It’s a really good idea for people interested in fine arts, and I’m so thankful for having been apart of this amazing experience.”