Conquering Homecoming


Taylor West, Assistant Editor

Homecoming is an event for everyone. A school tradition that Texas seemingly takes above and beyond with extravagant mums and garters, a week of fun-induced dress up days, comfortable and trendy t-shirts, a loud night of football, and a dance: homecoming has something for all. One of the biggest struggles of the entire homecoming process is deciding who to go with- friends or a date?

It can often be looked down on in a circle of friends to go with a date to homecoming- or any dancing event for that matter. Many people who go to homecoming with friends will shy away from finding a date out of fear that leaving their friends will cause drama and bad blood within the group. This should not be the case! Going with your boyfriend/girlfriend, or even just a close, platonic relationship of the opposite gender is OK. There will be differences in going with friends in a kick-back like style, versus going more formally with a date. Some might say that more pressure is put on couples who go to homecoming together. Starting with the expense of mum and garters, and ending with appropriate dresses to match the ties, a lot can happen the week before the actual homecoming dance. The best way to handle the possible tension throughout the week is just to relax. Not putting too much pressure on how mums and garters should look like others- but not too similarly to others- can easily relieve the worrying accumulated and clumped with the homecoming process. Making sure that both you and your date have fun should be the number one priority.

An alike sense of reason is dealt into going with just friends. Having a fun time minus the stress is the ideal goal- but sometimes it doesn’t always end up like that. Finding the right group to go with is the first thing that most people who are going with friends coordinate. A fun friend group is the right way to go! Homecoming is all about having fun, and going with friends who will support you is an important thing to have. There’s no room for drama, so taking friends who only cause drama isn’t fun! It brings the mood down and makes the night feel more like a chore or responsibility. One of the most looked forward to things during homecoming, (in my opinion) is the after parties. Whether you decide to actually have a party with friends, or drive down to IHOP late at night, bonding with friends after homecoming while you all are still dressed up is one of the most critical parts of the night.

So which is the superior homecoming experience? Having a night of fun with your closest friends, or a special event to share with your date? The answer is neither, but both all at once. It doesn’t matter who you choose to go with! Between a group of all the girls/bros, and flying solo with just you and date, both nights will end with memories you’ll never forget. So make the most of it and have fun with whoever you decide to take!