KHS Indian Theatre Presents: Figments

Students tackle tough, real-world issues through a comedic lens.


Meleah York

Rick (Austin Thompson) analyzes his story while his “figments” try to save his written pages.

Meleah York and Abby Tow

Keller High School’s theatre department is days away from their fall show Figments, a play by Billy St. John.

Figments brings audiences into the mind of Rick Jacobs, a playwright with a head full of busy, ever-changing characters, some who are made up people in his future plays, and some who are reflections of his friends, family, and peers. This shows the audience two sides of the same coin: reality versus Rick’s interpretation of it.

“A solid portion of this show is actually just imagined by the main character, so it’s a very unique concept. I feel like everybody can relate to it. People have different perceptions of people in their own mind as opposed to real life,” senior Mac Huff said. Mac plays Matt in Figments, the macho boyfriend of Rick’s crush, Loni. 

Meleah York
Rick and the “figments” discuss the options for Rick’s story.

“Every time we do a new show there’s always a new cast, and I’d say that this specific cast is so fun and so uplifting. That just makes the show one of the best I’ve ever gotten to perform,” Indian Theater president and senior Harper Tramm said. Tramm plays Momma, a dramatic helicopter parent.

“Momma is way over the top, overbearing, and super dramatic about her son, Rick. It’s challenging because you don’t always know when too much is too much,” Tramm said.

Meleah York
Momma (Harper Tramm) lectures her son about the lack of cleanliness in his home.

The show is gut-bustingly hilarious as well as genuine and warm. It tackles heavy subjects: loss, heartbreak, toxic boyfriends, overbearing mothers, and the struggle of an artist in the trenches of writer’s block. What sets this show apart is the way it handles these topics though fast-moving jokes and situational comedy. Take, for instance, the urn containing Rick’s father’s ashes personified in his head as his father walking, talking, and interacting with Rick in a giant urn costume, played by Senior Jack Howrey.

“A lot of the shows I’ve done have been really dramatic and really serious, but for this show everything is bright and happy. All these characters are super over the top, and it’s weird doing a show where I’ve never had to pause for audience laughter before,” Tramm said.

The cast’s hard work is clearly evident. The team dynamics of the cast shine, making the audience feel close and empathetic towards the characters. I’ll admit: when I realized the show was coming to an inevitable close, I was saddened.

Productions like this show all of us the importance of fine arts in public education. The cast is clearly tight-knit, and their skills become evident time and time again throughout the show.

“Theatre is way more than just people having fun on stage, you actually get to grow a relationship with the character you’re playing so it not only teaches you about other people and empathy, but also a lot about yourself,” Tramm said.

Figments will be playing in the KHS Fine Arts Center from September 20 to September 22 at 7 p.m., with a final show on September 23 at 2 p.m.. Tickets are $10 per person. Make sure to go out and support the hard work that these students have put into this amazing show.

Meleah York
Veronica (Sarah Faehnle) weeps over the body of her lover, David (Derek Huber). They are figments of Rick’s imagination, acting out the new play he is writing.