Royalty of Keller High School

Gwen Morovitz, Assistant Editor

Whether you choose to go to the game, the dance, dress up on the theme days, make mums and garters or do all of it, homecoming is always one of the most energetic and cheerful weeks of the school year. For seniors, seeing your friends on the court, or even just getting to nominate people you love, is a great tradition.

The announcement of the court was made over Twitter on August 22.

“I was in the MOOYAH parking lot and started screaming while getting stared at by the employees and called my mom,” nominee Ashton Selsor said.

“I am on worship band at my church, and after I got off stage that Wednesday night, I checked my phone and had gotten a text that I had been nominated and I was so overwhelmed I started crying. I went to my car and called my mom and just sat there and couldn’t stop thanking Jesus for the opportunity to glorify Him,” nominee Kinsley Clark said.

It’s always exciting to hear about who else is running for court.

“I think the group of people this year in court is definitely different that all the years before,” said Clark. “We all come from different backgrounds and social groups and I think it’s so cool that we all ended up on the same platform, as it shows the different kinds of people who are thriving at Keller.”

The court consisted of Kinsley Clark, Sidney Roderick, Ashton Selsor, Melody Syphomma, Aashni Thakkar, Ryan Avezzano, James Dunn, Sloan Henry, William Johnson, and Colton Nelson. The variety of people, like Clark said, really shows the differences in people at Keller and who the senior class sees as fit to be King and Queen.

“I think Aashni is the perfect representation of Keller High and she deserves the honor so  much. She is so kind and genuine I look up to her so much. For the guys, I think my running mate, Colton Nelson, deserves the crown too. He is a great guy and has always upheld strong morals with a smile on his face and I have a lot of respect for the person he is.”

Selsor agreed with Clark. “I love the other members of the court, I think they’re all very unique individuals who care a lot about others! I would like to see James and Aashni win,” she said.

The nominees get to show to the school who they are and how compatible they are with their partners at the pep rally. The dances are the highlight of the homecoming pep rally.

With a variety of activities planned for the nominees, Clark was excited most for the pep rally dance with her partner, Will.

“It’s a mix of a 90s bop and a staple rap song from today,” Selsor said.

Clark was also looking forward to the dance.

“Ever since I was a freshman I’ve always envisioned what it would be like to make a fool out of myself in front of the whole school because stuff like this is right up my alley. I can’t wait for it. Me and Colton Nelson will be the best impersonations of Troy and Gabriella you’ve ever seen,” Clark said.

So many factors come into account when deciding on who should be Homecoming King and Queen. The variety of senior girls make the decision even harder. Some qualities are more important than others, such as involvement in activities at KHS, or how the nominees treat others.

“I’ve always been very involved throughout my high school career. Each time I walk into a new class I try to get to know the people around me the best I can and make genuine connections. I pride myself on my honesty and ability to connect with others,” Selsor said.

“Ever since I was in intermediate school, I have realized that how we act everyday around our peers, friends or not, is how we are remembered. I try my hardest to wake up and go to school every morning with a smile on my face because I never know whose only going to see joy once that day, and I want to be that one. I believe the character I try to uphold in and out of school makes me the best candidate, although I think the girls and guys who are also on court are also exemplary examples of this in so many ways.” said Clark.

Voting ended on September 6th and the final decision was announced before the homecoming game at 6:30 p.m.

Congratulations to James Dunn and Aashni Thakkar, who were announced Homecoming King and Queen.