How to Pass Junior Year

Kate Lang, Staff Writer

Junior year is very well known for being the most terrible year of high school. Whether it’s the horrendous academics, the social injustices, or the athletic necessities that are stressing you, junior year is not fun.

The only way to pass this huge obstacle in your way of becoming a glorified senior is to stay focused.

As a high school student, there are so many distractions that can take you away from your goals. Junior year needs to be centered around your grades. Grades and SAT/ACT scores are what will get you into your college of choice, and your future is what really matters.

Be truthful to yourself and realize the big picture. You have plenty of time to make memories with your friends next year. Take time to study instead of going out to eat with your friends, make sure you get enough sleep over the weekends instead of staying up all night, and use the time with your family to your advantage.

Creating strong relationships with your teachers and being respectful towards them will also help you earn great grades.

Focus on yourself for junior year and organize your schedule to set you up for success. Junior year can be as stressful and evil as you can imagine it can be, but by staying focused on getting exceptional grades and spending time to reach your goals of getting into the college of your dreams, you will do a lot more than pass junior year.