KHS First Kick-A-Thon



Cindy Ciotta, Managing Editor

One of the most exciting and fun parts about the beginning of a new school year is the start up of all the new sports. Going out to support fall sports such as volleyball or football with your friends can make for some memorable moments, and you get to show your friends on the team some encouragement. The Indianettes are accustomed to supporting the football boys, but they recently got the opportunity to show some love to the wonderful volleyball team as well.

On August 21 the sweethearts of Keller High School, the Indianettes, started the very first Kick-a-Thon. The Kick-a-Thon was created to raise money for The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Two of Keller High School’s very own Indianettes, senior Emily Kempen, and junior manager Sabrina Fugua, were honored at this event. Fugua has her very own team called Sabrina’s Cronies that raises money to find a cure for Crohn’s disease and colitis.

This years Kick-a-Thon took place in the big gym of Keller High School during the interim of the first varsity volleyball game. Each Indianette had a minimum of five sponsors. Sponsors pledged a certain dollar amount for each kick the dancer completed. For example, a sponsor who pledged fifty cents per kick, and a girl who kicked one hundred times, that sponsor would pay $50. Hannah Hilario kicked over 100 times.

After the Indianettes kicked for an entire song, and managers counted up the kicks for each dancer, the team stayed to support the KHS volleyball games.