Keller Band Update

Keller Band Update

Abby Tow, Staff Writer

The Keller Indian Marching Band began its 2018 season just recently on May 7 with its first true rehearsal: freshman help sessions.

These practices allow the upcoming ninth graders some pre-band-camp knowledge and skills to help them survive in the world of experienced upperclassmen. A few of these practices will take place before the infamous Spring Camp begins on the last week of school.

After everybody takes a few finals in the last days of the academic year and leave the school to enjoy their half-days, the band students will return to the high school in the afternoon to begin the journey of marching season.

Until then, the band will end its concert season with a final concert on May 18 to perform some post-UIL pieces, old and new. While the bands will play some new pieces they’ve learned in preparation for the concert, such as the Wind Ensemble’s rendition of “Inchon” by Robert W. Smith and an homage to the band’s trip to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with a performance of “Metroplex” by Robert Sheldon from “Postcards from Manhattan” the bands will also be performing pieces they’ve played for years.

Some of the these pieces include a march compiled of military songs representing various branches of the military, including the coast guard, army, and air force. Another long-held tradition includes the Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band combining to play “Stars And Stripes Forever.”

Be sure to come out and support the Keller Band in the fall when football season rolls around and competitions begin. Good things are happening and sure to happen soon.