It’s just a number.


Kate Carlin, Managing Editor

I have learned a lot from Keller High School, some good, some bad, some completely and utterly useless, and of course, the ugly. People only care about their ranks, what cords they are going to get, what awards they have and how many times they have been to a state competition. I, sadly, have fallen prey to this way of thinking and have created a mindset to where if I fail once, I will fail every single time.

Simply, and quickly, that is no way to live, and I learned that philosophy through my friend, number 686.

A little known fact: there are 686 people in the class of 2018, and I have always wondered who is last. Who the people look down upon, who people shun out and who people believe is the lowest here. But what I learned and what you should know is that they are humorous, outspoken, hard working, and has dreams and aspirations, much like the top ten in the class, and much like me, the average student.

I searched my whole high school career for the last, for number 686, when little did I know, they were right in front of me one day. I never gave up searching for them, I never wanted to belittle, I wanted to understand.

I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing number 686, who has become one of my biggest inspirations throughout the year, through our many conversations about cars, cats, love, and government conspiracies. I figured out that number 686 wants to be a video game designer or networking coder, and hangs out with their friends almost every day after school.

They want a sick vintage Charger for their first car, and they have a small clan of eight cats. They simply don’t like coming to school because they miss so much that they barely even know what’s going on when they get back. They wish to learn about technology, not about the classic rhetoric and calculus.

When I asked them if I could do a story about them, they said something along the lines of “Why would you do a story about me? I have no story to tell.”

But they are wrong. We go on for hours in our classes and we talk about the people that made us, break us, favorite foods, how much we both hate tangled headphone cords, and how we both just want to get out of here.

Number 686 is not someone to look down upon, number 686 is not someone who has given up on school, number 686 is someone who had a rough time now and they will become an incredible human being, no matter how much they dispute it and how much the student body looks down on it. They have more drive than most, and they will conquer all that has come to them.

To my students, I close my last Wigwam article with this.

No matter what rank you are, you have talent, you have potential, you have the drive. But just know that there are people that you believe are below you that are steps above you.

To number 686, you are simply incredible, and I know that you have a fantastic life ahead of you. Don’t get yourself down, because I know you are meant for greatness.

Thank you.