Go Green or Go Home

Go Green or Go Home

Natalie Hornbaker, Staff Writer

Every year people celebrate Earth Day and act in ways to protect the earth and environment around us. But unfortunately, one day a year is not good enough to restore this world.

Every day people need to think and act green to help save the planet we are slowly destroying. We are dependent on nature so why do we continue polluting and hurting what we love?

Nobody is a perfect environmentalist; however, together we can take some honest steps to reduce the number of resources consumed and waste that is generated.

Below are five easy tips to make the world a little more eco-friendly, that everyone can participate in.

  1. Reducing how long you shower
  2. Unplugging devices, turning off lights and appliances
  3. Replace regular light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs
  4. Join a carpool or begin using public transportation
  5. Pack a meal in a reusable container

As easy as the five tips are, with a significant amount of people following these suggestions, the world will slowly become a better place.

It only takes a little to change the world around you.