Images Matter

KHS Student Has a Passion for Photography

Abby Wormsbaker, Staff Writer

Keller High School is illustrious for having talented students when it comes to the arts, sports, theater, and even academic achievements. When it comes to a passion driven by raw talent, creativity and artistic visions with photography, Keller High School’s very own Austin Salinas knows all too well about what it means to work hard for what he envisions through the lenses of his camera and how listening more and talking less has helped him understand the people he is working with on more of a personal level.

Frequently in photography a redundant and boring theme occurs; however, other times photography can bring various meanings to several different people. Having a unique story behind every individual or group of people to provide appreciation and importance is one of the main goals that Salinas strives for when capturing photographs of them.

“[I want] to make someone feel like they have a stance or feel appreciated in a certain style – ‘It’s just so meaningful what you do’- that makes me feel amazing, and makes me feel like I can be a part of something,” Salinas said.

Producing something raw and original isn’t as simple as it seems. It’s easy to get caught up in consuming too much art from time to time, and when it’s time to produce something of your own you can oftentimes find yourself doing similar projects to other people. The best strategy for this is to not overwhelm yourself and look at everything as differently as possible.

Consuming media like YouTube can be a great thing; however, it only gets you so far. At some point seeing things differently for yourself is key.

“You have to visualize it but also see it from another person’s eyes and look back at everything in the right direction in a positive way. I wish I would have taken more inspiration from everything like I do now. It’s important to not get too overwhelmed with it. I wish I would have listened to more people, listened more, talked less,” Salinas said.

As 2018 sinks in and graduation creeps around the corner, Salinas has ambition to head west to the beautiful state of California to pursue his photography through marketing himself and working towards where he wants to be. Salinas knows it may take mountains to climb, but despite that, his heart is set and his mind is determined by what he is passionate for.

Things can get messy when life, work, or even school want to but heads with creative passions and sometimes with unbearable stress it can lead to discouragement with many people. Salinas suggested that the main ingredient to keeping a positive mindset is to remember that the energy you give off will be received back.

“Just be in control. Be close. Have energy with the people you work with and continuously be inspired by them. If you aren’t feeling good while doing it then don’t do it! You have to have fun because I don’t think it should ever really be stressful,” Salinas said.