Why You Should Join The Wigwam

Cindy Ciotta, Assistant Editor

Hello and welcome to this next issue of The Wigwam! As a two year member of the team I have a pretty good idea of how The Wigwam works and all the fun aspects that are apart of it. Whether you’re an entering sophomore, or just looking for a fun elective to take as a senior, The Wigwam staff is sure to have an aspect you will appreciate.

Our staff is run by Cyndi Lemke, who has taught English, journalism, and the newspaper class here for two years. This year our leadership consisted of Hannah Webb as Editor-in-Chief, Kate Carlin as Managing Editor, and Thomas Winzeler, Meleah York, and me, Cindy Ciotta, as Assistant Editors.

There are many reasons to come to love The Wigwam and why you should join, but here are just a few:

  1. The Wigwam is an incredible environment for creativity. It encourages free expression and allows you to chose your own stories that you want on our paper.
  2. Being a part of The Wigwam gives you a daily dose of current events which is great for keeping your social awareness sharp as possible. The staff has open discussions about events which helps students debate and learn.
  3. Writing for The Wigwam gives you a voice that is heard at our school. Is there something you want our school and community to know? Let it be known in The Wigwam. They say the pen is sharper than the sword, or in this case the keyboard is sharper than the sword.
  4. Writing for The Wigwam as often as we do improves your writing skills
  5. You have opportunities to compete in UIL journalism competitions which you can put on college applications.
  6. Are you into photography? You don’t have to be in the yearbook to get a hold of a nice camera. We have two, and we use them for student life stories!
  7. Are you interested in broadcasting? Or maybe sports broadcasting? We have a radio station that works hand-in-hand with The Wigwam and is also taught by Lemke. If you like putting together playlists and want to submit a podcast for the school community to enjoy, feel free to let us know. Listen to us streaming online at ndn.playtheradio.com.
  8. Last but not least, we always have a great time. The class is laid back and Lemke is always there for a laugh with her students.

Our staff has just recently chosen the new leadership team for next year and we couldn’t be more excited about all the great things to come. Meleah York is the new Editor-in-Chief, Cindy Ciotta and Abby Tow as Co-Managing Editors, and Taylor West and Gwen Morovitz are Assistant Editors for the 2018-2019 school year.