What KCAL Can Do For You!

KISD’s technical high school DOES have its’ perks!


Kate Carlin, Managing Editor

With the addition of the Keller Center of Advanced Learning, I have heard plenty of students give rave reviews about the programs, including the internships, SkillsUSA, and opportunities to actually practice what you will do in the real world right now, rather than sitting in a classroom.

But with the good comes the bad, and others are, of course, jealous they have not experienced KCAL in their last four years, or they are not finding the benefits that come with a CTE center just like ours. I’m here to be that voice of reason, the answer to why we exactly have a center such as KCAL. 

1.)   THE FOOD – Okay, we all eat Keller High’s food at one point in our life; don’t even say you haven’t because we all know the truth. But listen, KCAL is a different story. You may gawk at the fact that students prepare your food and you have to pay for it, but the food is actually decent. Ranging from chicken lollipops, smoothies, burgers, salads, and the student favorite, mozzarella sticks, you can get anything from the KCAL Bistro. Also, sometimes they go around to the different classes and sell slices of cake which are FANTASTIC. If you have a chance, go eat KCAL’s food, just do it.

2.)   THE CLASS – This is not a normal classroom and these aren’t normal teachers or admin; we don’t call it the “lawless land of KCAL” for nothing. There are people running around with dogs, cats, goats, huge cameras and cranes, making podcasts, cutting their friends hair, making animations, solving crimes, and earning an abundance of certifications. In your KCAL class, you are IN the field, you are working with people, you are encouraged to try new things and you don’t get docked points from it, you get to see animals, and eat food, and have a good time. It isn’t what school is supposed to be, but this is what the future of schooling looks like. We are encouraged to go out there and make names for ourselves, and we are given tools to do it. There are not a lot of people at KCAL who are taking their classes as a blow-off class, and that is what makes it so much more worthwhile. You push each other to be better.

3.)   THE PEOPLE – Man, I love people, and I love the fact that all four of the KISD high schools all attend KCAL. You meet so many different people with different perspectives and share the same passion that you do who you would otherwise never meet. You help people from different campuses, you have more knowledge of the whole Keller area, you have a new group of people to hang out with, and you truly get to work with some of the weirdest, most hilarious, and best people in the district.

Simply put, yes. Attend KCAL if you can, go to a tour night if you’re a senior, and if you’re attending a KCAL class now, take every ounce of it in. This gives you the real world experience that all of our schools need, and we are quite lucky to have it.