Summer Workouts

Gwen Morovitz, Staff Writer

Recently, my friend Abbie and I have been determined to be ready for the summer and pool parties. Every year we promise ourselves to work out and look great in swimsuits, but it gets put off so far until before you know it you’re standing in the mirror before the first swim party of the season, unprepared.

This year is different. First, we found our motivation — a beach vacation we’ll be going on this July. Having a goal in mind has certainly been a key attribute to keeping up with our workouts and never failing to meet up at the Keller Pointe at our set dates and times.

We chose to go twice a week, since both of our busy schedules could only afford two nights. Starting with abs, we use a 10-pound medicine ball and do sit ups, passing the ball each time we sit up. Then, we do planks, push ups, crunches, and more core strengthening exercises.

After the ab work out, we always go hop on the elliptical machine and push ourselves further each time we work out. We started with 15 minutes and are working our way up to 30. We hope to eventually reach an hour. It’s satisfying to watch the “calories burned” number increase as the workout progresses, which gives us motivation to keep moving and pushing ourselves to do our best.

The first real change I’ve noticed is my energy levels increasing. While the purpose of our workouts is to tone our bodies to fit the “ideal body image” that society has forced upon us, the real change has been in my mentality and my energy in life. Before I worked out every week I found myself tired all the time, and feeling low on self-esteem. However, now I feel more energized and even more confident than ever because I know that I’m striving and working towards a goal that will ultimately leave me feeling even more amazing about my figure and how I perceive myself.

I strongly recommend working out and attempting to get in shape before summer begins. Everyone’s body is perfect the way they are, but in terms of health, both physical and mental, working out and getting plenty of exercise has been one of the best decisions of my young life.