Spring Cleaning

Gwen Morovitz, Staff Writer

With the warmer weather approaching, it’s a common occurrence that we find ourselves digging through our closets, looking for summer clothes. The spring brings warmer weather and busy schedules as the end of the school year approaches, Bringing more social activities. Having an organized life and living situation can often be a stabilizing start to the change in season.

Starting off with your bedroom, it can be beneficial to rearrange your closet to bring warmer weather clothes to the front, and push the jackets and sweaters to the back. Even just re-organizing your desk can help you feel like you have some control over your life.

By deep cleaning your floors and windows, you can rid yourself of the dust that’s collected all winter long and create a clean slate for the fresh spring and summer air to flow in through the windows. Open your windows, let the stale air out and the fresh air in, if your allergies allow it.

Cleaning is a great way to relieve stress and bring peace of mind. If you have the time, try going through your closet and get rid of the clothes you know don’t fit you or you don’t want anymore. Donate your unwanted clothes to charity! Not only will the cleaning help you feel better about life, but donating to a good cause will do so as well. Plus, if you’re making room in your closet, that always leaves an opportunity for some spring shopping.

Not only should you clean your living space, but try to clean your bathroom and car as another way to feel organized before the most busy social time of the year. Invest in an air freshener (my favorites are from Bath and Body Works such as the Stress Relief, Suntan, and Endless Weekend scents), as this will leave you with a satisfying reminder that you accomplished something productive! Having a clean slate before summer is important for creating a foundation of good times and memories that are stress free.