AP Testing Tips

AP Testing Tips

Natalie Hornbaker, Staff Writer

One of the most efficient ways to pass AP tests with flying colors would be to actually study and learn the material. Of course though there are strategies to help you ace this test! Here are some of the best tips to make an AP test less stressful.

Concentrate on the Easy Questions First

There is no order in to which you have to answer each question. Ace the easy questions and then move on and focus on the more tedious questions.

Answer Every Question

Missing a question does not get counted against you, so take a guess in hopes of earning a few extra points.

Manage Time Carefully

It is critical to be aware of the time and to pace yourself if you want to do well. Have time  targets and push yourself to meet these goals.

Bring Water and a Snack

During the break, you need to stay hydrated and eat something with protein and complex carbs. This will keep you energized and focused allowing you to do your best on your test.

Remain Positive

Despite being tired and feeling like giving up, push through and think of how happy you will be when you reach your exam score that you wanted. Keeping a positive mindset despite hard questions will put your mind on track to keep going.

By following these AP tips, you will be able to maximize your results while minimizing your stress.