College. Is it necessary?

College. Is it necessary?

Juliyanna McCracken, Staff Writer

Is college necessary?

People tend to view college as a positive result and/or a negative affect. People allow themselves to think that college should not be considered as an option simply because it is not affordable. If you can not attend college because of your financial situation, there are scholarships available for you.

In order to withhold a job in today’s society most employers require you to have a college degree. There are also endless opportunities for those who work hard and strive for a life that enables you to choose your own career because you have had the chance to go to college.

College allows you to interact with a variety of cultures and build relationships with others. The benefits from college also grants you the experience of living life on your own and gaining a brand new worldly perspective apart from impacts in your adolescent years.

The importance of learning to depend on yourself is a vital key to growing up. College is not necessary, but should be strongly advised because of the fact that you are able to earn an understanding that you have not had before. The relationships and connections will also be profitable for your future. Intelligence is the key to success.