VASE 2018

VASE 2018

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Cindy Ciotta, Assistant Editor

On February 10th, Timber Creek High School hosted our district’s annual VASE competition. Around 2000 students from the district showed up to present their pieces in the hopes of placing and advancing to State.

VASE is a unique art contest in many aspects. For one, the way the pieces are judged. A piece is graded on a 1-4 scale, with 4 being the best. Once a student makes a four on a piece, it was then sent to an additional area for judges to determine whether or not it would advance to state.

A student is allowed to enter up to two pieces. You can enter anything from paintings, drawings, sculptures, clay, and more. Students must also answer questions about the medium of the piece, the inspiration, personal connection to it, and other things depending on the judge.

All of the Keller High School art teachers attended and supported the participating students, including Mr. Gould, Mr. Stickel, Mrs. McNutt, and Mrs. Carter.

The day was an overall success as many Keller students placed fours and many also advanced to state. Just a few students who places include Sarah French, who advanced to State, Chase Christopherson, and Jaei Kim.We have high hopes that those at state will make it to nationals as well!

If you are interested in art and enjoy contests I would recommend speaking to any of the KHS art teachers and getting involved in VASE for next year.