Seniors! Come to Project Graduation 2018 on Graduation night!

It’s gonna be a barrel of fun.


Thomas Winzeler, Assistant Editor

EDITORS NOTE: The following is a non-paid ad for PG18. If you want more info on PG18 than what this gives you, please go to this website:

Hey, would you like to spend one last night with all your high school buddies? Want to make memories from the night of graduation? If so, then you should go to Project Graduation.

What is Project Graduation, you ask? Here’s what it says on the homepage of PG18’s website:

“Project Graduation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit parent group organized to raise funds to provide a drug and alcohol-free celebration for every graduating senior on the evening of graduation – May 26, 2018, at Main Event.

Based on the original Project Graduation of Oxford Hills, Maine, we, the parents of KHS Seniors, come together to make possible a memorable, safe, fun, all night, after graduation celebration that keeps the graduates off the road, prevents any of them from becoming an accident statistic, and allows parents to rest easy knowing that their son/daughter is safely celebrating with peers.

Project Graduation will be held at Main Event in Grapevine on May 26 from 11:30 p.m. to May 27 at 5:30 a.m. It is a lock-in that includes music, bowling, laser tag, arcade games, billiards, shuffleboard, casino games,  photo booth, food, and beverages. Every senior who pre-registers will receive a keepsake t-shirt, a swag bag with coupons, discounts, small prizes and maybe even some cash! There is also the chance to win one of many, many door prizes. Pre-registration is encouraged.

To cover the cost and to provide all of the activities and prizes mentioned above for our senior class of over 690 students, volunteers need to raise $60,000 to $70,000. This event is only made possible with the help of parent donations, business donations, and hundreds of volunteer hours.

Please consider helping us make this a successful event with your contribution of time and/or funds.”

So you’ll be able to bowl. Bowl with your friend. Get a strike or just hit the pins. If you’re skilled enough, send that bowling ball three lanes over from yours and get the strike in the lane it ended up in. It’s fun! Do laser tag. Shoot your friends. Fast walk out of the holding room (because you can’t run) like you’re storming the beaches of Normandy. Play arcade games and play pool. It’s fun. All the cool kids are going. So you should go.

Another thing to note is that maybe you should carpool with people or have parents take you. Because at 5:30 a.m. you will be so tired that trying to stay awake while you drive will be a challenge. A challenge you shouldn’t take up because if you lose that challenge you’ll die. Dying isn’t good. So don’t die.

How does one register for this funtastic event? You can learn how to register on this page:

There’s a $15 fee to register that will increase to $25 after March 9. If your parent is feeling generous enough, they can give a $100 donation to help fund Project Grad. Project Grad receives NO SCHOOL FUNDING. So donations are appreciative. If your parent donates, you can also get a t-shirt! Yes, that’s right! Your very own PG18 t-shirt. Who doesn’t want a PG18 t-shirt?! If you don’t want one then you’re the definition of not fun. You look online for the definition of not fun, and a picture of you pops up as the definition.

If your parent chooses to donate then the total is $115 and it will rise to $125 after March 9. If you have any more questions about this event, please email Mrs. Kathy Monaghan at [email protected]

Project Graduation will be a fun event, and you should go to it.