Orchestra…It Exists!

Orchestra...It Exists!

Celeste Bleeker, Staff Writer

Little known to the student body, our school has orchestra offered as a class! Interested in music, but don’t want all the responsibility that comes with band? Just want to learn an instrument? Do you want to join the coolest group of kids? Well, then, orchestra is the thing for you!

We have several performances per school year, which are always fun. We learn a variety of songs and people of all skill levels are welcome because we have parts for the music that will be perfect for anyone. Adam Pratt is our chill, kind of hippie, orchestra director and he makes learning easy. He will help to advance your skill or help you learn from the very beginning. He also knows some pretty “awesome” jokes and magic tricks that you will actually almost believe if you’re really tired and if you can’t see very well.

Orchestra also knocks a fine arts credit, which is good news for people looking for a fun way to get that taken care of. If you are fun-loving, the evil trio of students, Jordyn Stiebel, Fernando Avalos-Oviedo, and Celeste Bleeker, will be sure to be as sassy and pun-y as possible (like we don’t already). Oh, and if you are sympathetic, we only have 11 members, so feel free to be sorry for us and come join us in our musical merry-making. 

The orchestra class is only during 5th period, so it’s shorter class time, but it’s every day, making surviving orchestra way more manageable. It’s a nice class to look forward to at the end of the day and caps off the school day pleasantly. And if none of this convinced you, we have pizza sometimes.