Advanced Placement vs Dual Credit

Gwen Morovitz, Staff Writer

With the enrollment period for the 2018-2019 school year approaching, the biggest question on lots of sophomore’s minds is, “AP or Dual Credit?”

With Advanced Placement classes, the workload is an obvious step above the on-level class. College credit is not guaranteed, however being in an AP class gives you added points to your GPA, which might help you climb in class rank or look more appealing to the college you will be applying to.

Another key factor to consider when deciding between Dual and AP, is where you’d like to go to college. AP courses offer an AP exam at the end of the school year, which can give you the opportunity to earn college credit for the class depending on your exam scores. These can be transferred to any college across the country; however, it is often said that Dual Credit is only accepted in Texas schools and a few select other colleges and universities out of state.

Some Advanced Placement Classes that Keller High School offers are:

  • AP World History
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Biology
  • AP United States History
  • AP Physics

And there are many more!

To enroll in a Dual Credit class visit the Keller High School Website and go to the counselor’s page. There you’ll find all the information you will need in order to apply with Tarrant County College and complete all the necessary paperwork and tests needed to be enrolled in a Dual Credit class.

While Dual Credit may cost some money to be enrolled in, in the end it will save you more money because of the prices of the class once you’re actually in college. By taking Dual Credit now, students can save so much money on core classes that would be a breeze and/or seen as a waste of time in college or universities later on.

After speaking to many juniors and seniors, I’ve learned that Dual Credit can be seen as an easier class because it is a guaranteed college credit, rather than depending on the AP exam at the end of the year for a credit. However, the grade you get in the class is the foundation that you begin your college GPA upon. I’ve learned that while AP can be a workload and the content can occasionally be difficult to understand, our teachers here are very understandable and can be super helpful if you find yourself struggling. Getting help is the easy part, but you have to be willing to put in the effort in order to get your work done and attain a good grade.

In the end, it is ultimately your decision on whether you want to choose a Dual Credit class or Advanced Placement class. The choice is always up to what is the best for the student’s pathway and plans for their future. If you have and questions or concerns about the classes you’re interested in taking next year or the year after that, I suggest making an appointment with your counselor. They’re here to make this process easier for you and to help you through difficult educational decisions. Your parents can be a great resource as well.

Whether you chose Dual Credit or Advanced Placement, remember that you’ll be taking on a college level responsibility and will begin to pave the way to your future. Make good choices with your school work and put in the effort so that it can favor you in your future educational endeavors.