Why You Should Look Forward to College


Natalie Hornbaker, Staff Writer

The majority of high school students become overwhelmed when thinking about their future and college. Having to uproot everything and moving away from family is never easy. Every question directed toward a high schooler is about their plans for college, where they want to go in life, want they want to major in and every other stressful question imaginable. But college is a place for growth and finding who you truly are. Besides the average classes consisting of English, math, science and history, college consists of four plus years of discovery within yourself and the world around you. With this, here are five different reasons why you should look forward to college.

  • A Clean Slate

You finally have the chance to stop living down past mistakes with a new reputation. Releasing all the baggage in your life allows you to reinvent yourself without holding you back. It is up to you to decide who you are and who you want to become.

  • Dorming

Though at first thought this might seem stressful, you have the opportunity to meet some of your best friends. You find someone who shares your interests and living habits and soon enough you’re having a never ending sleepover with one of your favorite people!

  • Easier Class Schedule

College classwork is significantly more difficult than high school work but at least you get a more relaxed schedule. Instead of spending seven hours at school you now just have a few classes a day alongside long breaks in between. You finally have time to do things for yourself, study, or catch up on sleep.

  • Social Life

Remaining on campus your first year allows you to have an endless amount of friends. Connections are made at a faster pace which allows you to feel comfortable around majority of people. You now have a group of friends to explore college with.

  • Independence

Parents always have their best interests in mind but at times it can feel overbearing. Luckily in college there will be no early curfews and essentially no limitations, finally giving you a little freedom.