KNDN Radio Update

Cindy Ciotta, Assistant Editor

Happy January, Indians! At the Wigwam, we hope your Christmas break was all you hoped it would be! We’re curious, do you listen to music as much as we do? Our guess is yes!

Fortunately, we have some incredible news for all of you music lovers. The KHS Wigwam officially has a radio broadcasting station that you can tune into right now! The complementary listening plays 24/7!  

We’re calling it KNDN – which  has quite the ironic name, and we love it. K, for Keller. “NDN”, for Indians. No matter what genre of music you’re into, KNDN will have something for you. We have worked hard on planning since the beginning of the school year to provide the station to our school, fans, readers, and now listeners! We have strung together all types and genres of songs to fit all of our listeners’ taste.

In the future, staff on the broadcasting team will put together jingles made by Wigwam and broadcasting students. It will sound something like, “Hey, this is Cindy and you’re listening to ‘Nasra power hour’. Enjoy!”

You may be thinking, “What’s ‘Nasra power hour’?” Good question. Along with segment introductions, (aka jingles) the staff has put together a schedule for the radio genres per hour.

“Nasra Power Hour” will be a whole hour of songs hand picked by Dr. Nasra. You may be surprised at the music taste! Additionally there will be many other segments such as pop, country, hip hop/ rap, calming music to wind down to at night, 80’s music, early 2000’s music, and more!

We look forward to all we have planned for our listeners and readers and hope you all enjoy KNDN and the work we’ve put into it.