Indian Improv

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Indian Improv

Ashlyn Dodson, Staff Writer

The Indian Theatre program is known for its predominant productions, like its fall musical, fall play, and UIL one-act show. However, it also offers smaller productions for students wishing to stay involved. Among these is the Indian Improv team. Members must audition (typically in the fall) for a spot on the team, which performs a few times a year.

In practice, the improv team plays a series of games that challenges the improvisers to create scenes on the spot. One unique aspect of improv is that is different from other types of theatre in that practices are practically the same as performances. In each, actors must present an entertaining scene with developed characters and conflict while keeping within the rules of the game. At performances, the team takes suggestions from the audience to help them build scenes. Often, the actors have only an audience suggestion (such a location, occupation, or relationship) and a matter of seconds to form a coherent scene.

For those who don’t wish to perform, or simply want to observe, Indian Theatre also offers an improv club, open to all, that meets periodically. The club is run similarly to team practices, and lead by team captain Patrick Gee. For more information on the improv club, students may contact Gee or staff sponsor Clarissa Shirley.