Creative Writing Club

Creative Writing Club

Taylor West, Staff Writer

Everyone seems to be involved in a club or activity within KHS. Seemingly, our school has so many clubs to offer, it can get overwhelming trying to decide which to pick. Recently, a club that’s been around for awhile now has been revamped: the Creative Writing Club.

The club and the Creative Writing course had been under sponsorship of English teacher Jason Snyder. However, for this school year Snyder has humbly passed both the club and course over to English teacher Kris Vogel.

Vogel teaches English 4 DC and AP, making him just as qualified to run both the club and course.

Creative Writing Club is great for everyone, especially those who like to write. The club population is comfortable and welcoming to all newcomers. The club’s president is senior Emily Semlow, who runs the meetings and organizes the activities.

Meetings are every Wednesday in room 1000 at 7:45 a.m., and open to anyone who likes to write, or just wants to hang out.