Keller High’s New (and Improved) Creative Writing Club


Meleah York, Assistant Editor

Your local writing nerds have returned…and are better than ever! The Creative Writing Club is back for more writing, discussions, and cookies.

The freedom of writing whatever you want is essential for growing as an independent writer and can make you stronger in your essays, but it also provides more creativity and less boundaries. Especially nowadays, it’s important for young people to have a voice, but public speaking isn’t for everyone. The solution? WRITE!!

“The club is a place where people can be creative with writing as opposed to the more structured writing we do in our English classes,” says vice president and Wigwam staff writer Abby Tow. “It’s for young writers to talk to and meet other young writers like them.”

Whether it’s poetry, short story, memoir, or novel, Creative Writing Club opens its doors to all different types of writing and ideas. Getting input from others helps you to blossom as a writer, so join this club for deep thinking, laughs, and fun times.

Creative Writing Club meets in English teacher Kris Vogel’s room (1000) every Monday morning at 7:45. Please stop by! We are also not limited to only people in journalism pathways, so math nerds, engineering kids, and history buffs are welcome!

Follow @khscwclub on Twitter for updates and reminders.

President: Emily Semlow

Vice President: Abby Tow

Secretary: Patrick Gee

Come to Creative Writing Club. As Patrick Gee so perfectly describes, “It’s like Dead Poets Society, but not as sad.”