How to Succeed (Without Really Trying)

How to Succeed (Without Really Trying)

Ashlyn Dodson, Staff Writer

From the group that brought you spectacular performances of shows such as Wizard of Oz and The Drowsy Chaperone comes the production of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, a musical about brotherhood, love, and climbing the corporate ladder. Opening on November 2 and continuing until November 4, this will be an Indian Theatre production you won’t want to miss.

Set in the bustling business world of the 1960s and featuring a variety of musical hits such as “Brotherhood of Man,” the show first appeared on Broadway in 1961 and had a brief revival in 2011 starring Daniel Radcliffe. How to Succeed tells the story of a young window washer as he he navigates his way through the (fictional) World Wide Wicket Company. Along the way, he uses his charm and a little luck to learn the ins and outs of business.

The rehearsal process has been a unique one compared to other Indian Theatre productions due to a variety of new opportunities and challenges coming into play. Recently, a production of By the Bog of Cats was performed by Indian Theatre. This production and How to Succeed began rehearsing at nearly the same time, which meant that both companies had to compromise rehearsal time and auditorium use in order to ensure that each show got a fair amount of time to prepare for their performances. Additionally, director Melissa Freeman has given her students a unique opportunity to be a part in directing this main stage show, and the student directors have definitely proven themselves able to do so.

With a cast of nearly 50 and crew of 46, this show has been no small undertaking. The company has been working since the second week of school to perfect the show. As with any production, the company has had to adjust both acting and technical style to that of the 60s. Technicians have had an especially challenging task, with everything from sound to fitting the set into the time period. Hair and makeup crew members have had to research and practice 60s beauty trends, and costuming has worked to ensure that all costumes are appropriate for the show and fit the actors.

As with all other high schools in Keller ISD, the How to Succeed company will not only be putting on a performance for community members, but also competing for awards at the Kelleys. This annual Keller ISD awards show rewards actors and technicians for their achievements, with awards given for every imaginable aspect of a production.

So mark your calendars for November 2 to 4 to see a wonderful performance of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying by Indian Theatre. Admission is $10 for students and $12 for adults! 


Pierrepont Finch: Stockton McGinn         

Rosemary Pilkington: Megan Kee

J.B. Biggley: Ian Gallagher

Bert O. Bratt: Mitchell Munn

Smitty: Emily Lopez

Bud Frump: Jackson Scott

Miss Jones: Aiden Singca

Mr. Twimble: Patrick Gee

Hedy LaRue: Gabby Herrera

Wally Womper: Jack Howrey

Miss Krumholtz: Ashlyn Dodson


Jordan Walters,  Brooke de la Fuente, Tally McGinn, Frances Klein, Chloe Milam, Audrey Pearce, Trislyn Boord, Natalie Henry, Austin Duplantis, Spencer Hidalgo, Austin Thompson, Jack Rogers, Nathan Pineda, Bradley Huff, Taylor Zimmerman, Tyler Harrell, Nicholas Klein, John David Spence, Blake Hyatt, Derek Huber, Kaitlin Johnson, Sarah Faehnle, Ginna Bowden, Kylie Kline, Brooke Ball, Gina Sisco, Olivia Hayes, Hannah Huber, Chloe Evans, Melissa Wagner, Brenna Jones, Anna Salzman, Lizzie Binnie,  Avery McDonald, Julia Erb, Maddi Phipps, Kendall Dant,  Olivia Vogel