Productivity During the School Year

Maggie Coleman, Staff Writer

With the first six weeks under our belt, homework, quizzes, and tests have slowly integrated us back into our daily routine. It’s important to know how to maximize efficiency so your time can be put to good use.

One component of being productive is time management! Without being able to efficiently manage all the studying and homework assignments you’re bound to get, you won’t do as well. By planning ahead and allocating time slots for different tasks, stress and procrastination will go down significantly. It’s easier said than done, but if you can try and put time management into practice, it’ll make for an easier school year.

Another helpful tip is to try and get enough sleep. It’s hard to put into practice, but being awake and alert during the school day will maximize how well you understand the information taught. This means that  generally, you won’t spend as much time on homework because you’ll understand the concepts. Getting a good amount of sleep will help your overall health. It’s difficult to consistently get at least eight hours of sleep, but I promise it will help.

Motivation during the school year isn’t exactly a tip, but a point I’d like to elaborate on. The proper motivation will carry you so far into the school year, and no amount of sleep or time management can make up for genuinely wanting to succeed and get good grades. Having this motivation at the beginning of the school year is common, but sustaining it to the end of the year and finishing strong is an issue. There is no real “fix” or “solution”, other than basically saying to remember the motivation at the beginning of the year and your reasons for giving your all in every project, assignment, quiz, or test. Hopefully you’ll have the same drive the beginning of freshman year that you do the end of your senior year.