Inside Look at the Student’s View on Dr. Nasra



Mack LeBlanc, Staff Writer

Everyone in the school knows about Dr. Nasra’s achievements and how successful he’s been in his career, but do we really know how much we appreciate Dr. Nasra, what he means to us? Do we know why he was so lovingly dubbed,“Nasdaddy”? By interviewing random student body members, we have answers to these most important questions.

I took to the halls with two inquiries: “What’s your favorite thing about Dr. Nasra?” and “What does Nasdaddy mean to you?” The student body answered as follows.

One student answered that his favorite thing about our principal is his bald head: “Every good principal is bald!” Some said that Nasra is a symbol of our school’s uniqueness. Others said that it means that Dr. Nasra is the boss of the school, and he is to be respected as well as admired. A student that seemed very passionate in her poetic answers told us that Dr. Nasra is a shepherd and we are the “obeying and adoring sheep.” One boy who had spoken with Nasra on multiple occasions told us, “Dr. Nasra is nothing but pleasant and kind. He seems to honestly care about the student body.” The students of this school obviously have a love and respect for Dr. Nasra.

It is a very special thing for the students to have such a connection with the principal. Whether we show our appreciation through complimenting his beautiful shiny head or starting a school-wide nickname for the man, we hope Dr. Nasra (A.K.A. Nasdaddy) knows how much the school and student body look up to him and see him as a kind and amazing leader.