Tips and Tricks For Writing College Essays

Emily Semlow, Staff Writer

Writing college essays can be an anxiety to many high school students. They make you question who you are, what your writing ethics have been all this time, and just what you want to achieve and do in life.

Then there’s the whole writing process just on its own.

One of the best ways to write a college essay, that will catch the positive attention you want it to, is to write true to yourself. The whole process of the essays are to show colleges who you are, not who you think they want. It shows that you have a unique mind of your own.

Double check, triple check, quadruple check for your grammar and punctuation. Some small inconveniences of grammar can be passed by, but every once in awhile, something that can through the whole essay overboard is a nice typo. They both play a large part in writing. Sometimes grammar and punctuation portray a message and emotion better than the actual words, especially punctuation. It shows excitement and confusion…long pauses. It can be distracting when a typo presents itself, but it can also add to the text, making what you wrote impossible to set down.

If it’s optional to write more than one, write more than one. It can give you a boost when submitting college essays and you don’t feel like you have enough on your application. It also shows that you’re willing to do the work to get into college and that you can be capable of going above and beyond. And of course, with more essays comes more editing.

Really, the key is to make them personal and interesting. Don’t be afraid to input your opinion. This isn’t your regular, old, high school english essay. This is where your future starts.