Student Aid: Apps To Help Survive High School


Taylor West, Staff Writer

What’s something you use every day? It holds all our pictures and music and all the other necessities to survive: our phones. Education online and over technology has increased greatly over the years. So why not use technology to enhance how we learn and study? Over the course of a week, I used a collection of apps and ranked them 1-5 on a scale of different aspects. So if you’re like me, extremely forgetful, here are some helpful apps to help you survive through high school.

Dragon Dictation is an app that allows you to record someone speaking; it types every word it can catch. When finished, it allows you to save the file and visit it later.

User-friendly: 5 Interactive: 4

Storage Amount: 4 Efficient: 5

Time Productivity: 3 Overall Grade: 4

Dragon Dictation was a personal favorite because I’m someone who likes to be able to go back and see the things I missed. I would highly recommend this app for someone who enjoys getting every specific detail down and has terrible memory. It was very easy to use, and it was live, allowing me to see exactly what my teachers were saying and if it had been recorded correctly. It didn’t take up too much storage and it was efficient in a way that made my quicker paced classes easier. My only complaint was the time productivity; it took a while to go back and fix what the app had not recorded.

KhanAcademy is an app that allows the user to search through any specific subject and get a full lesson on units within the subject. Ultimately, it allows you to learn almost anything.

User-Friendly: 5 Interactive: 5

Storage Amount: 3 Efficient: 5

Time productivity: 5 Overall Grade: 5

KhanAcademy is one of my absolute favorites. It’s beyond easy to use and it literally has everything at my fingertips. They have videos that grasped my interest and helped me learn the first unit of physics all in just a few hours. It offers hands-on activities and reading passages for further understanding. Everything from basic counting, to AP Calculus, this app is flexible within all grades and even college. While it held all K-12 (and beyond) core subjects like math, science, history, and English; it also offered SAT, MACT, GMT, AP, and more kinds of test prep.

StudyBlue is an app that offers a digital way to make flashcards, customize notes with audio and pictures, and electronic quizzes. It also tracks the rate at which you both study and learn.

User-Friendly: 5 Interactive: 5

Storage Amount: 4 Efficient: 5

Time Productivity: 4 Overall Grade: 5

I enjoyed this app because of its similarity to the more popular study tool, Quizlet. In general, the app was a more fancy version of Quizlet, but it did include some of its unique features. It allowed me to section off my groups into classes, and when I put Keller High in the school column, it offered a list of courses taught by the teachers here at Keller. Because of this, some flashcard sets were pre-made by previous students of that course. My only problem was the amount of space it occupied on my phone and the time it took to manually input flashcards.

Good Budget is a user-friendly budgeting app for people who are inexperienced, have poor budgeting habits, or are new to budgeting overall. It’s an easy and quick way to keep track of how much you spend on certain things. It also allows you to put a limit on your expenses.

User-Friendly: 5 Interactive:5

Storage Amount: 3 Efficient: 5

Time Productivity: 4 Overall grade: 5

Good Budget is a great app for newbies to budgeting. It doesn’t seem like the most important thing; most of us keep our money in a shoe box under the bed or in a bank account. However, this app is best for setting up students who are about to live on their own, or plan to at some point in college or the near future. It’s easy to use and it helped me with limiting my money, especially on food.

Campus Books is an app for students who are required to purchase a book for a college level course. It displays all the sites and stores that offer the book you’re looking for, and places the prices up against each other. By doing so it offers the cheapest prices.

User-Friendly: 4 Interactive: 5

Storage Amount: 3 Efficiency: 5

Time Productivity: 5 Overall Grade: 5

*All of the previously mentioned apps are free on GooglePlay and the App Store.