Homecoming Dresses

Gwen Morovitz, Staff Writer

When faced with the exciting and nerve-wracking moment of asking someone or being asked to homecoming, the only thing on your mind is whether or not the answer is going to be yes. But after the relief of knowing you have a date, the ultimate dread hits you when you wonder, “What am I going to wear?”

Whether it be the homecoming dance, prom, or even just a first date, figuring out what to wear to the event is stressful. And while boys mostly have it easy with the simple solution of wearing a suit, or in formal occasions a tuxedo, girls have a bigger issue. What color should the dress be? What style? How long should it be? How short is too short? Sleeves or sleeveless? Even after the dress, there’s still the search of finding matching shoes and worrying about whether or not your heels will make you tower above your date.

This year, a lot of girls I talked to said they went to the Northeast Mall. They said Windsor had a great selection and good prices. Nordstrom was another popular store, but their prices tended to be higher. With limited days left until homecoming, the best bet would be to visit the mall or Nordstrom Rack in Southlake.

When picking out your dress, start with your price range. Your price range may be different from others. Regardless of what you’re willing to spend, you should always have a good price in mind, that way you can narrow down some choices right away.

Try getting a group of friends together to go shopping with you, so that you have more than one opinion when deciding. Moms are great shopping partners too because you can always count on the honest truth. Your friends will sometimes say a dress looks good, trying not to offend you, even though all you really want to know is the truth.

Finding the right dress is difficult, not to mention finding shoes, jewelry, and figuring out what to do with your hair. But the most important part of it all is to remember to relax. Homecoming is supposed to be a fun experience, and let’s be honest, who’s going to remember exactly what color shoes you wore or if your dress was cut a certain way? Find a dress that makes you happy and comfortable in your own skin. After all at the end of the night, isn’t the whole point just to have fun?