Clubs and Organizations: NAHS

Clubs and Organizations: NAHS

Cindy Ciotta, Assistant Editor

Keller High School is filled with tons of unique clubs, and there’s something for everybody. For those who are creative and enjoy and appreciate the arts, there is the National Art Honor Society (NAHS).

NAHS is a great club to be a part of because not only is it nationally recognized, but art teachers have to nominate students for membership. Additionally, members stay very busy doing many art-related activities keeping not only the school more colorful, but the community as well.

Just recently NAHS members participated in the KHS homecoming parade and made quite a unique float. It was a 3-D moon with an astronaut on top and a rainbow paintbrush stating “NAHS” on the back. Walking from Keller Middle School to Keller High School, families from all over Keller lined the streets with their American flags waving and cheering as candy was thrown.

The same week was the door decorating contest. Members paint-splattered black butcher paper and put a 3-D spaceship and a planet with yet another rainbow paintbrush to depict the space theme for homecoming week and it hung on art teacher Kerri Carter’s door.

Along with helping out around the school, NAHS also spreads art around the Keller community. Every Monday afternoon members go to the Conservatory Senior Living to volunteer time teaching the elderly an art class. Members have been doing this the entire summer and are still going strong. The elderly look forward to the weekly visits and connecting with young people. Some of these senior citizens have never picked up a paintbrush in their life until they sat down with a member of KHS NAHS at and realized just how fun art can be. They work on several different types of art projects. It is a unique experience because the members not only teach to the elderly, but also get to learn new things from them as well. It can be very rewarding for the students to get a sense of accomplishment and feel they are giving back to society and helping others with their creative side.  

The organization is sponsored by Carey McNutt, Kerri Carter, and Craig Gould. Putting in time and effort into any club can be fun and rewarding and I would recommend joining NAHS to anyone who appreciates art.