Things To Do Before Senior Year

Things To Do Before Senior Year

Emily Semlow, Staff Writer

We all know that this summer vacation is shorter this year by a couple of weeks, and while this may be bad news to some, it’s better news for others who are being spared from a long, boring summer. Either way, we all have our ups and downs during the summer. There is only so much to do after all. So here’s a bucket list to help fulfill that fun packed summer that we all dream of.

Explore the cities around you: There are so many places with amazing photography opportunities. Even if you’re not the world’s best photographer or don’t own a fancy camera, it makes memories and provides a cute opportunity to look back on your summer. Fun places for photo shoots include Fort Worth Stock Yards, the zoo, Deep Ellum in Dallas, and wherever else you find fun and unique settings for you and your friends. Not to mention, you can find great new hangout places along with amazing food taking the adventures needed to find these places.

Spend a day pretending to be someone you’re not: Take this time to explore the person that you’ve always wanted to take a crack at being. Wear the clothes you’ve always wanted to wear but have never had the confidence to wear. Talk to the people you would never expect to talk to. Change your name, style, even the way you talk. Just have fun and be creative. You never know; you may find a new found confidence and style that you like in yourself.

Plan a full out Fourth of July, fireworks and everything: Go from sun up to well past sundown and run around doing everything you can possibly fit in. Go swimming in as many pools as you can, get sidewalk chalk and sparklers, sit on the rooftop and watch the sunset, get a close up on a fireworks display. Have fun and summon your inner five year old.

Try all of the ice cream flavors from your favorite ice cream brand: Just don’t get sick…enough said.

Go to the beach: What’s summer without the beach? Go get a tan and some sand in places you’d never expect. You’re trying to get the full experience anyways aren’t you?

Make your life long friends: Grab a couple of your best friends and go on a road trip or spend a full week with each other. Whatever you do, make life lasting memories together, because the best things always happen when you’re sleep deprived and it’s 2 a.m. at IHOP.

Do the obvious things: Last but not least, do all the stupid things that seem so cliche. That’s the magic of a cliche, some how they always work. Go out to get a tan, go on walks in the park, play in the rain, stay up all night watching rom-coms. It’s really up to you.