Spotting Your Spot


Emily Semlow, Staff Writer

Well, it’s finally time to start deciding one of the most important things for our senior year…what to paint in our senior parking spots. We all want to be original and express ourselves the best we can, but some of us also lack the artistic ability to do so to our liking. Here are some ideas for both the artistic people of our school and the people who still want amazing parking spots.

Simple ideas:

Do a quote! Fonts are easy to copy and paint in and a quote can be as deep and meaningful as you want, or as simple and funny as you want. They give you all the power.


You have a favorite joke that everyone always rolls their eyes at when you say it? Or an inside joke with your friends that absolutely no one else understands? Put it in your space and keep a count of how many eye rolls you get as your friends walk by and see it.


Start a bet with someone and keep the painting fun throughout the year. Keep a tally of who’s winning in your spot and have fun with whatever you two had a bet on.

Chalkboard spot:

Or in other words, be that cheap person who drew with sidewalk chalk in your space. It can still be fun. Right? Especially if you channel your inner five year old.

Henna inspired:

It’s not as original as the rest, but it’s still pretty and fun to create your own henna design.


Divide your space into several sections and have your friends draw you as they see you. Nothing screams that it’s your spot like distorted portraits of you.